God’s Word is AMAZING …

Thousands of years ago He informed us about our days.
As ALL of His prophecies concerning His Son’s first coming
were fulfilled, so too will ALL of His promises concerning His
Son’s return be realized. Some of these predictions have already
taken place. Others are right around the corner of being fulfilled.

Our simple but pressing concern that we’d
like to express on this web page …

Get into God’s Word for insight second to none
about these amazing end of days before we move
into a period of war against the Saints just prior
to Jesus Christ’s initial appearing. Our spiritual
lives depend upon walking in His Truths forever
settled in heaven. Because we live in harm’s-way
days, God has graciously communicated crucial
Counsel as to navigating through this dark time.
His loving protection is generously offered. Will
we at least consider His shepherding care?

Repetition for the sake of emphasis:

Read, ponder and heed the end-time passages!

For starters, read Matthew 24 & 25, Mark 13 & Luke 12, 17 & 21.
The books of Daniel and Revelation are also direct passages.
The Psalms present awesome Counsel as to living in our day.

Thereafter, read smaller sections of God’s Word which
address the days just prior to Jesus Christ’s initial appearing.
In these end-of-days texts, you will find insightful protection.
Look over our other web sites for lists of these smaller but
essential end-time passages. Our Other Sites

Even so, please come quickly Lord Jesus!

A “P.S.” to our readers: God’s Endurance Passages are Huge!